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Discover unmatched speed, security, and sustainability in a revolutionary data management platform. Elevate your data management experience and make smarter decisions with our cutting-edge features.

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Connect, Manage & Deploy

About Neurotic

Introducing Neurotic – a state-of-the-art data management platform designed to help you manage your data more efficiently, securely, and sustainably. Built with functional programming techniques, our platform offers lightning-fast data processing and robust security measures to protect your valuable data.

Manage Your Data

Neurotic Ecosystem

Join the Neurotic ecosystem and enjoy a platform powered by 100% green energy. We're committed to sustainability and building a future-fit solution for the next generation of data management.

Neurotic Analytics

Monitor Your Data Traffic

Track and measure your data requests with Neurotic Analytics, staying informed about when and where your data is accessed, ensuring constant awareness.

Neurotic Actions

Automate Your Data Workflow

Streamline data infrastructure and processing workflows using Neurotic Actions. Schedule tasks, automate deployments, and create pipelines with ease.

Neurotic Nova

Integrated AI Capabilities

Harness the power of AI with Neurotic Nova. Make predictions and perform advanced analyses within the Neurotic ecosystem, leveraging your data effectively.

Neurotic Pulsar

Real-Time Project Tracking

Stay informed with Neurotic Pulsar, tracking and listening to real-time events within the Neurotic ecosystem for data-driven decision-making.

Neurotic Cluster

Secure On-Premises Solution

Neurotic Cluster offers enhanced data security and performance off-grid. Synchronize backups at set intervals for added confidence in your data.

Neurotic Nebula

Optimized Performance and Reliability

Experience top performance with Neurotic Nebula's in-memory key-value data storage. Maintain data accuracy with our data modeling and validation features.

Nebula of Thoughts

Hear from our satisfied clients about how Neurotic has revolutionized their data management experience, boosted efficiency, and helped them make more informed decisions.

Ólafur Jónsson

Neurotic Cluster has been a game changer for my business. The ability to synchronize backups on predetermined intervals has given me peace of mind that no data will be lost.

Sigrún Jónsdóttir

Neurotic Pulsar has made all of my projects real-time, which has increased productivity and efficiency. The ability to track and listen to events within the Neurotic ecosystem has been a huge help.

Gisela Müller

Neurotic Actions has streamlined my processing workflow with the ability to automate deployments, schedule tasks, and create pipelines. It has saved me so much time and effort.

Hans Schmidt

Neurotic Horizon has been the perfect bundle of front-end and marketing solutions for my business. The SEO optimization, A/B testing, and social media interaction have all been top-notch.

Jeroen van den Berg

Neurotic Nova's integrated AI has been a game-changer for making predictions and complex calculations based on my data. It's an incredible tool within the Neurotic ecosystem.

Lisanne de Jong

Neurotic Stargate has made it incredibly easy to add authentication to any project or application. The complete, multichannel one-time password flow requires almost no code, which is amazing.

Gunnar Gunnarsson

Neurotic Nebula has been the perfect in-memory data structure store for my business. The data modelling and validation functionality ensures that my data is always how I want it to be.

Franziska Fischer

Neurotic Manager's all-in-one user interface has made managing all my Neurotic products and resources a breeze. It's incredibly user-friendly and easy to navigate.

Thijs van der Meer

Neurotic Analytics has been an incredibly helpful tool for tracking and measuring my data requests. The ability to always be up-to-date on where and when my data has been requested is invaluable.

Neurotic Pricing

Explore our competitive pricing plans designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. Choose the right plan for you and experience the transformative power of Neurotic.

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Billed monthly

  • 100

  • 250MB

  • shared

  • 1

  • Basic



Billed monthly

  • 500

  • 2GB

  • Shared

  • 1

  • Basic



Billed monthly

  • 1000

  • 5GB

  • shared

  • 1

  • Basic



Billed monthly

  • 2500

  • 10GB

  • shared

  • 1

  • Basic



Billed monthly

  • 10000

  • 100GB

  • 5TB

  • 3

  • Premium

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Question & Answer

Have questions? Check out our Q&A section for comprehensive answers to common queries about the Neurotic platform, its features, and how it can help you revolutionize your data management.